Scene iz 60ih kao serija slika sa smelim i proverenim paternima, zemljanih tonova i retro oblika. Prikazujući svakodnevni život domaćice iz 60-ih, fotografije nam donose dozu luksuza.

Aksesoari na dekadentnoj Hannah Elise ostavljaju bez daha! Autentičan retro stajling uradila je Emma Acret, sa velikim umećem. Acret je uspela da predstavi odeću nosivom i u skladu sa današnjom modom, kombinujući omiljene kolekcije Pre-fall Chanel, kao i odevne komade brendova  Louis Vuitton, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Tod’s, Dolce&Gabbana i vintage Thierri Mugler.

Scene iz 60-ih snimio je australijski fotograf Andrev Nguien, sa impozantnim karakteristikama odevnih komada i aksesoara.

Fotograf: ANDREW NGUYEN @andrewofficialstudio

Model: HANNAH ELYSE @hannahelyseofficial / @chadwickmodels

Stilista: EMMA ACRÉT @emmaacret

Šminka: NISHA VAN BERKEL @nishavanberkelmakeup

Frizura: NATALIE ANNE @natalieannehair

Urednik fotografije: RONNIE RIDDIK @ronnie_fotostudio3

Produkcija: VALENTINA GUROVA @valentinagurova

Asistent produkcije: SKYLA BOER


A Cryptic Tale Drenched in Pre-Fall

An adventure into the private life of a 1960’s housewife with hints of future decades. Set in a home that presents a periodic appreciation of interiors and fixtures, with an appetite for Pre-Fall collections employing textures, bold prints, and earthy tones. In this thrilling adaptation of a mid-century modern soap opera, captured by Australian Photographer Andrew Nguyen, delivers a complex arrangement of decadence. She can bake a cake, win at anything she chooses with a badminton racket, or switch her heels for flats and beyond. Runway veteran, Hannah Elyse, is no stranger to these ideals as she has traveled the world, holds the crown for edgy romanticism and has appeared in campaigns across-the-board. In parallel, she keeps her personal life nearly as private and is just as a sporty-a tad more serious. It’s hard not to geek out about her move to Paris and marriage to Louis Loveless, a tattoo artist she met via Instagram. Hannah, who once contemplated an acting career, jumps into character, giving a tour of a home for a day.

At a glance, the allure of a not so happy birthday leaves one to wonder what is happening behind these closed doors. But first, high tea time, in a mod-style classic Chanel suit. Lingering in the backyard, she takes to the courts in Louis Vuitton Knee Boots, and an LV monogrammed tote may be where she has been keeping her gear this entire time. Not finished with her cup of tea, a retro stare wearing a checkered Louis Vuitton blouse, a pair of high-waisted dress pants by Tom Ford, and chunky Prada sandals. Stylist Emma Acrét carefully selects the playful nod to the era by featuring her ability to go back in time with vintage Thierry Mugler coupling mauve hues from Zimmerman, Chanel, and Marc Jacobs. Emma crafted contemporary fantasy in a nostalgic package, slightly gracing the fine line of provocative. A noteworthy highlight is an over-sized pair of Miu Miu sunglasses accompanied by a cable length chain. When at one point, many of us were averse to the idea of a cord dangling on any form of eye-wear, the comeback needed a PSA for no longer losing your glasses, all while looking polished and sophisticated.

Enticingly, Hannah hypnotizes in white lace gloves slightly placed under a statement plaid coat by casually grocery shopping for lilac flowers in full Prada. The tone encompasses the modern-day take in a captivating tale.

Written by Nina Cuso.