Solveiga Mykolaityte

1. How do you understand the current trend of “bodypositive”?

This trend is the acceptance of all bodies regardless of physical abilities, size, gender, race, or appearance and being tolerant for all looks and appearances. I believe that we need more trends like this in the world – it is really great when goodwill things become trendy. When goodness is a trend.

The most important thing is that a person would be happy in the own skin and also tolerant to others. I totally love this idea surrounding the body positivity movement that people need to love themselves to the fullest while accepting their physical traits.

2. “Modesty adorns the girl” – in this statement, in your opinion, for the girl more good or harm?

Anything that is too much is unhealthy. In some cases, modesty is so adorable and nice – when a woman does not boost, the works speak for themselves and also beauty is in simplicity, simplicity is the key for real true elegance and men also adore it. On the other hand, being too modest is not good. Shyness and shame may be interference for the career and pursuit of the goals. When a woman is afraid to get out of her shell, she does not live her best life, dreams quietly and does not dare to act.

3. Which art form is closest to you and what has recently made the most impression?

I admire all arts like literature (I have very poetic relatives, one of the most creative Lithuanian poet was my grandpa’s brother), performing – theatre is one of the most favorite forms of entertainment for me, dance is also my passion. Nevertheless, visual is my favorite form of art – painting, drawing, video making, filmmaking, photography… The last one mentioned I adore the most. As I am a fashion model, photography is closely related to my life every day. Recently the biggest impression it made for me when I had an extraordinary and amazing photo session and when I’ve seen the art created by the photographer I was amazed – everything seemed even more incredible than it was in reality.

4. What kind of man do you want to see next to you?

First of all stronger than me. A man whom I can feel feminine next to him. Real personality, real character, honest,  with good manners, family lover. Who has real  passion for life, nature and for me.

5. There is an expression “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”. Have you ever had similar situations and difficulties in your life, from which you emerged victorious?

Yes, I totally have the situations that were difficult in my life but because of them I became stronger and formed myself who I am now. When I started working as a model, the first trips were really hard in all ways – physically and mentally… Then there were no smartphones or Internet that would be accessible to everyone, I only had a paper map in my hands that was the only tool that helped me to reach locations of the castings. Having no mobile data by my side, being stranger in big cities that were new to me, competition between models/ candidates, etc… That it was not easy would be too smooth to say. There were moments when I was thinking that all of this is too much for me and I can not take it anymore, that I want to leave everything and just go back home. But at the end of the day, I was standing strong, knowing that I was hustling and achieved my goals – that is what hardens my character.

Also, back to the days I was a professional high jump athlete, during one training I broke my nose – that was a really serious injury. Nevertheless, I still continued high-jumping until I had the second injury – this time it was my back. The pain was really intense so I could not continue my athlete career. Anyhow, these hardships did not scare me, my love for sports have been always growing, it taught me to be a fighter and strengthened my character

6. What are the three most important pleasures in your life?

Ohh, there are so many pleasures in life. I would distinguish massages, delicious food and traveling. These pleasures boost my mood, increase happiness is a great way to pamper myself haha 😀 After these “treatments” I relax and can move forward with positive energy to new projects and work.

7. The best compliment you’ve ever received?

I love it when people compliment my inside features. For example, when they say that I am so honest and down to earth, that I’m so simple. Also, the ones that I receive from my beloved one are precious. When he compliments my eyes, my smile and says how good, tender-hearted and loving woman I am and how important I am for him.

Model: Solveiga Mykolaityte @solmyko
Photographer: Katarina Hildebrandt @katarinahildebrandt