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Top Versace @versace; Šešir Gladys Tamez Millinery @gladystamezmillinery

1.Tell us about the premiere of your single Shadows. How did the idea  for the song come about?

It’s a complicated story. At first it was a story about me. I wrote the song when I was thinking of unsolvable problems in my life: how it’s better to get out of them, how to step out of the shadows. 

But then it became more about my friend and his problems. He lost his way in life, broke the law and could go to jail. With the song I tried to show him the way to settle the problems. So the song is devoted to him.

I have also filmed the video for “Shadows”. I think my friend might guess that the song is about him and his troubles but doesn’t realize for sure. He is in a difficult situation now, but I hope he will figure it out. 

2. What would you advise girls who want to develop femininity and sexuality, like you, but can not liberate themselves? Do you have any life hacks on how to learn to feel confident and attractive in any circumstances?

The only thing that I’d rather advise: girls, take care of yourself. Your health, body, appearance, career - put yourself first, the rest will follow.

No special hacks needed, just place yourself at the top of your life priorities.

3. Is there in your opinion any techniques that will definitely allow the girl to feel completely new, to be liberated?

It’s important to be a self-confident girl. You can start cultivating your confidence with your look: hairstyle, makeup, clothes. If you look your best, you are more comfortable in society. 

The second thing is to focus on yourself and your goals. The opinion of other people won’t bother you that much if you have no time to listen to them. Concentrate on yourself and you’ll feel more free, you’ll be more liberated.

4. You create the impression of a person who has come to absolute self-love and has fully accepted himself. Is this feeling correct, and if so, how do we come to it?

No, that’s a false sense. I don’t accept myself as it is. I continuously improve myself. For example, I have been keeping to a strict diet for a long time. 

Besides my star sign is Scorpio, so internal disbalance and self-criticism are parts of my individuality. It’s hard to get internal harmony for me but I’m trying to find it. My work keeps me going. 

5. How has the care at the time of isolation?

I do not take special care of my appearance at home. I have no beauty products such as creams, scrubs and etc. I prefer cosmetic procedures in clinics. I do it once a month or two when i have time.

Usually it’s PRP therapy. It’s when you get injections of your own plasma. I’m fond of bio-technologies and believe that it helps to renovate skin from the inside. 

Sometimes I also have light laser or radio-frequency procedures but not on a regular basis because of my schedule.

I’m satisfied with my skin condition and really see beneficial effect of these therapies so there is no need for additional care at home. 

6. What is always in your makeup bag?

Actually nothing. I prefer casual style in clothes and do not use cosmetics in my everyday life. I have several shootings during the week where I’m dressed up with makeup on so I try to use every opportunity to be without makeup. 

7. How do you keep fit, especially in quarantine?

I enjoy jogging in parks and mountain trekking. In Los-Angeles there are lot of places for sport and wandering. It’s not easy to find time for that but I try to do it when it’s possible. 

8. Who is the beauty icon for you?

I can’t say that I have a beauty icon. I like type of people who looks like me: blond hair with blue or green eyes. 

Model: Ellen Alexander @ellen.alexander
Foto: Igor Malakhov @igor__malakhov
Stil: ORETTA CORBELLI @orettac
Šminka i frizura: Mina Abramovic @abramovicm
Produkcija: Valentina Gurova @valentinagurova

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